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Mosquitoes Netting Magnet
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Mosquito attack is one of the problems for us who live in tropical countries like Indonesia. Mosquito bites can not only cause bumps and itching, but can also cause dengue or malaria disease. Various ways continue to be developed to dispel mosquitoes, one of them is by utilizing mosquito netting.
Magnetic mosquitoes use magnetic stripes as stickers that make it easy to remove or plug. One list of magnets attached to the frame while others are attached to the jacket. From the side view with a magnet list this will further beautify your interior.
The advantages of magnetic mosquito screen are as follows:
- easy to clean
- not easily torn
- anti-rust
- air circulation in the room remains fresh and comfortable.
- provide protection from mosquito or insect attack
- practical and economical

Sell ​​cheap mosquito magnets cheap

Citra Agung as ACP's Aluminum & Panel Distributor in Medan sells cheap mosquito magnets. This mosquito coil is perfect for use in homes, villas, offices, shophouses, factories, schools and other buildings. For more complete product info please contact us.

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