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Aluminium Composite Panel
Aluminium Composite Panel
Aluminium Composite Panel
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Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) has a lightweight and flexible form of aluminum sheet. Aluminum Composite Panel is widely used as a cover surface of the house or high rise buildings. ACP is also used as a combination of glass and other metal materials for architectural beauty. Whereas, in the interior, ACP is used for partition, column cover, and artistic ceiling.
The advantage of this composite material is its lighter weight but with higher strength, corrosion resistance, with cheaper assembly cost due to the reduced number of assembly components and does not require bolt connectors. Also weatherproof, fireproof, soundproof, environmentally friendly etc.

ACP Aluminum Panel Installation Service in Medan

Citra Agung is a provider of ACP Aluminum Panel Installation Services in Medan. We serve the work of Installation of Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) in Office Building, Mall, Hotel, Shop / Rukan and Warehouse, Factory, School and other buildings. We are supported by professional, reliable and experienced workers in their field. For more info please contact us

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